10 best ways to keep thick hair healthy

When I say keeping hair healthy is difficult, those with thick hair will nod and agree that it is a hard job. The amount of conditioner you use makes you bankrupt, you just can’t help turning to heated styling tools to reduce frizz. Yes, maintaining healthy and thick hair is not easy but it can be less difficult. There are several effective tips and tricks that can really change the look and feel of your hair. Many people ask us how can we keep our hair healthy? We have chosen to share with you our top ten most effective tips.

Discover the moisturizing effect of raw Shea butter

Moisturizing is the key to keeping your hair healthy and there is hardly any better moisturizing agent than raw Shea butter. You can use it in many ways, for example, as an extra conditioner in the shower, a few times a week.
It can also be used for styling curly hair. Take a small handful and put it in your hands until it melts like oil, use it to restore your curls when they need a little lifting.

Choose sulphate free shampoo

If your thick hair are frizzy, a sulphate-free shampoo will be your best friend. Sulphate is an irritant cleaning agent that can remove natural oils. This can make your thick hair dry and fragile especially if you use it every day.
If you choose a sulphate-free shampoo, you need to spend a little time cleaning your scalp. Sulphate shampoo tends to turn into a sweet foam, and it is difficult to clean the scalp. With a sulphate-free shampoo, you need to clean your scalp longer to achieve the same effect.

Reduce washing

Washing your hair infrequently may sound daunting (if you are used to washing your hair every day, it’s too bad!), but the fact is that washing your hair frequently will peel off the natural oils of your scalp and keep your hair unhealthy.
Take at least one day of rest between washings and see how your hair feels and looks. Soon, you will get used to it and be able to enjoy more manageable and healthier hair.

Skipping shampoo

This is another tip that may make you raise your eyebrows in disbelief but this is a tested solution that can make thick hair easier to control. You ask, why does anyone want to skip shampoo? Well, the reason is the same as above. Shampooing can dry your scalp and hair and make your locks work very hard.

In addition, girls with thick hair can afford it without having to worry about greasy appearance.
If reducing washing is not something you like to do, try skipping shampoo every once in a while. Wet your hair and use only conditioner to moisturize both ends. You will soon notice the difference the hair will be softer and less brittle.

Improve your air drying program

Those with thick curly hair will know that if you accidentally use your dryer, you will receive a poodle appearance award. This is why you can choose to air dry your hair we have some tips on how to perfect your hair.

First, brush your hair in the shower instead of afterwards so that curls don’t lose clarity. Ideally, brush the conditioner when it is on to help distribute its benefits.
Once you leave the shower, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel and wrapping it in a turban. A turban wrap helps dry hair without damaging it, making frizz and breakage a problem.

Use quick dry spray to accelerate blow drying

Sometimes, air-drying is not an option at all. And we know that using a hair dryer to make thick, unruly hair looks great and can take up the whole morning (no one has so much time!).
Thankfully, there are products that can help you speed up, so you can have an easier life.

Ditch Metal Brushes! 

Using a metal brush on your thick curls is absolutely “no”. Wild boar bristles are thick, somewhat dry hair that you really need to repair your hair. Fun fact – the boar brush is not suitable for combing your hair. This is the job of a wide tooth comb or Tangle Tweezer.

 A bristle brush helps to distribute natural oil (sebum) in the hair, this prevents dryness and unnecessary frizz. It can also massage the scalp and seal the cuticle of the hair, making it look soft and shiny.
Make sure you brush the scalp with a long enough brush. Also, look for a brush with softer bristles, maybe even a boar mixed with nylon.

Treat scalp and hair with coconut oil

To maintain thick hair more naturally, use coconut oil. When your body or hair needs a little water to increase, coconut oil is a very effective product. Rich in fatty acids, it helps reduce split ends, increase shine, penetrates the hair shaft, and has anti-fungal properties (secret weapon against dandruff!).

Apply warm coconut oil to the hair and scalp (more on the hair than directly on the scalp) and massage it to stimulate circulation. Then, wash it in the shower with sulphate-free shampoo. Do this about once a week, and leave it for about an hour before each wash.

Taking it out of hair can sometimes be tricky. Although we like moisturizing locks, no one likes greasy scalp. If you feel that after washing once with shampoo, your hair is still oily – using a clear shampoo may be your best option.

Store vitamins

We often turn to smooth and anti-frizz products to help manage our thick frizzy hair, which can be an effective way to deal with external dryness. But have you ever thought about healing frizz from within? Your hair is an integral part of your body-a healthy body means healthier hair.

Dry hair often contains too little vitamins and water to maintain its normal health, and the most effective way is to obtain these nutrients from within. The vitamins you need most are vitamin A, biotin and vitamin E, so be sure to take a pack of those next time you are in the pharmacy. Your hair will thank you.

Turn off the heat

Another popular “solution” is to heat the hair without curling on your styling tool (such as a flat iron or curling iron) to get a smoother look. Your hair may look better, but you have not solved the frizz problem-in fact, in the long run, you will only make things worse.
Heat is the enemy. We recommend that the temperature should not exceed 380 degrees-and always use thermal protection. Also choose your flat iron carefully-this should be a carefully selected investment, not an impulse purchase.

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