41 mouth-watering chicken breast recipe

Chicken breast is a part that pleases many people, and therefore, it is quite common to be present in the most diverse recipe with chicken. In addition to pleasing many palates, chicken meat is affordable and has several health benefits, such as: protection against cancer, benefits for the brain, heart, thyroid, weight loss and is still a good source of energy.

Because it is a dish that is consumed with great frequency, it can often be difficult to think of new ways to prepare this ingredient without falling into the routine, after all, even if you are a fan of grilled chicken, you may want to innovate from time to time.

To show you how to prepare this dish with different methods and different ingredients, we have prepared a list of 41 recipes with chicken breast for you.

Roasted Chicken breast

1. Chicken breast with vegetables

To make this chicken breast recipe very tasty, the suggestion is to let the meat marinate overnight in the seasoning, or at least, 1 hour. If you want thinner meat, you can cut the chicken breast in half. Another suggestion is to grill the meat before taking it to the oven.

2. Chicken breast with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and almonds

To prepare this recipe, the suggestion is to cut the chicken breast into fillets. The preparation of this recipe is very simple, it is only necessary to distribute the chicken fillets seasoned in an ovenproof dish, cover with pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and sprinkle with parmesan cheese and almonds.

3. Stuffed with coppa

This is a practical recipe, which uses few ingredients, but takes time. You just need to cut the chicken breast, fill the frank breast with coppa and curd, season, sprinkle with coconut oil or olive oil and wash to bake. The time the dish should be in the oven is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

4. Stuffed with mustard and honey

This recipe that before filling, it is necessary to cut the chicken breast into fillets. The suggested filling is ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes, but you can use other ingredients of your choice. After you have seasoned and stuffed the meat, wrap the steaks and place wooden chopsticks so that the chicken does not open. You can use Mustard and honey sauce to water the meat after it comes out of the oven.

5. Caprese chicken breast

This is a recipe that requires few ingredients and is very practical to prepare. You will need chicken breast, pesto sauce, tomatoes and grated mozzarella. The preparation consists of placing the ingredients in layers in a refractory and then taking them to the oven.

6. Mediterranean chicken breast

You can roast this chicken breast with tomatoes, eggplant, bacon, onion, olives, parmesan cheese and spices. The preparation is very simple and results in a colorful dish.

7. Roasted chicken breast in the pan

The suggestion of this recipe is to use the whole chicken breast, even with the bone.

8. Chicken breast with cheese and tomato

If you want a chicken breast recipe that is ready in a short time and that is very practical to prepare, this may be the ideal option. You just need to season the chicken breasts, cover with tomato sauce and mozzarella, and take it to roast.

9. Chicken breast with vegetables

To increase the roasted chicken fillet, the suggestion of this recipe is to add broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin, in addition to spices.

10. Chicken breast with honey

This is a very simple recipe. You just need to season the chicken breast and bake between 20 and 30 minutes. It is a good dish option for those who like bittersweet flavors.

11. Crispy chicken breast

This is a breaded chicken that does not take eggs or flour. The suggestion is to use the chicken breast cut into strips and bread with sour cream and cream cracker.

12. Stuffed chicken breast

The suggestion of this recipe is to use curd, tomato and oregano to fill the chicken breast. So that the meat does not open after you cut and stuff it, you can use wooden chopsticks to close it.

13. Chicken breast wrapped in ham

In addition to being wrapped with ham, this recipe suggests that the chicken breast be stuffed with ricotta and ham. Before being roasted, each side of the meat should be grilled for approximately 2 minutes.

Grilled chicken breast

14. With vegetables

The suggestion of this dish is to grill the chicken breast in a frying pan and serve it with carrots, peas and cherry tomatoes. Carrots can be cooked, steamed peas and tomatoes can be served whole.

15. With gorgonzola and honey

This is a dish that has an intense flavor. Gorgonzola, which is a strong cheese, you can use it to fill the chicken breast. Honey, on the other hand, you can use together with spices in which the meat must marinate for 20 minutes.

16. With pepper

This is a very simple recipe, in which the author explains the step by step to grill seasoned chicken fillets.

17. With Dijon mustard sauce 

You can make The sauce that accompanies the chicken with white wine, vegetable broth, water, and cream cheese and gruyere cheese. The preparation is very quick and simple and the taste is very interesting.

18. With tofu in mustard and yogurt sauce

For those who like a sweet and sour dish, this is a good option. You can use Mustard and yogurt to prepare a healthy sauce that does not use sour cream. To decorate you can use black salt and basil.

19. Chicken breast parmeggiana

This is a very simple recipe to make and very tasty. After the chicken is already grilled, just cover with tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano. You can leave the ingredients in the pan for the cheese to melt or put it in the oven for a few minutes.

20. With peppers

The suggestion is to cut the chicken breast into cubes and grill with onion and red pepper.


21. Chicken breast with orange sauce

Preparing the orange sauce is almost as simple as grilling the chicken. You will only need to mix orange, cornstarch, sugar and butter and bring to a boil in a pan.

22. Chicken breast with leeks and bacon

This is a very practical recipe to make. The suggestion is to fry the bacon with its own fat, add cubes of chicken breast, and after they are golden brown, add the leeks. With just one pan it is possible to prepare a tasty dish.

23. Chicken breast with passion fruit sauce

In this recipe the chicken breast is cut into fillets and fried in a frying pan with 3 tablespoons of butter. After the meat is ready, make the sauce in the same pan, using the remaining butter fat from the chicken.

24. Breaded chicken breast

This is also a very simple recipe to prepare. You only need to cut the chicken breast into fillets, season, pass the egg, and then the breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil.

25. Chicken breast with champignon sauce

This dish has a mild and very interesting flavor. The chicken breast is cut into fillets and fried in butter. The sauce is made in the same frying pan as the meat, and you only need to fry the mushrooms with onion and add sour cream.

26. Chicken breast stuffed with vegetables

For this recipe, the suggestion is to cut the vegetables into thin, long slices. The preparation is very simple and the chicken is very tasty.

28. Chicken breast breaded with coconut

For those who like sweet and sour dishes, this is a good suggestion. You can use the grated coconut to replace breadcrumbs and gives a mild sweet taste to the dish.

29. Creamy chicken breast

The suggestion of this recipe is to cut the chicken in to take and fry. After that, a sauce is made with ricotta cream and balsamic acetate, which gives the recipe a special flavor.

30. Chicken breast with almond and oat crust

For the almond and oat crust to stick well to the chicken breast, the suggestion is to use an egg to dust. To complete the flavor, fry the meat in butter.

31. Parmeggian chicken breast with avocado

The suggestion for this recipe is that after the chicken is breaded and fried, distribute the meat in a dish, and cover with pieces of avocado, tomato sauce and cheese.


32. Chicken breast au gratin with leeks

This is a very light recipe. It is made with shredded chicken and a cream of leeks. The preparation is very simple and fast.

33. Chicken breast au gratin with ricotta

The secret of this recipe is the seasoning, which is made with different ingredients, which are: soy sauce, lemon, garlic, olive oil and mustard. The suggestion is to cut the chicken breast into cubes and marinate in the seasoning overnight. After that, the chicken should be sautéed with milk, ricotta cheese, cornstarch and spices. To finish, put the mixture in an ovenproof dish, cover with Parmesan cheese and bake.

34. Chicken breast light gratin

This is a very practical recipe for chicken breast au gratin. As it takes light curd, the texture is very creamy.

35. Chicken breast au gratin with potatoes

This dish is a complete meal and looks like a hideout, but the potatoes are used in slices, not in the form of puree.

36. Chicken breast au gratin with corn cream

In this recipe, the chicken should first be browned in a frying pan, then go to the oven with the corn cream and cheese. The suggestion is that the meat be cut into cubes.

Braised or cooked

37. Chicken strips with coconut milk

To prepare this recipe, the suggestions are: cut the chicken breast into strips and then sauté in coconut milk, instead of water.

38. Braised chicken breast

This recipe for braised chicken with tomatoes is very practical and can be consumed in different ways, such as lasagna, pancake, and sandwich filling, in short, there are several possibilities.

39. Chicken breast with curry

For this recipe you can use shredded or diced chicken breast. The author of the recipe teaches how to make a curry cream to mix with the meat. In addition, she gives two suggestions for serving: with rice as a main dish; or with tartlets, as a starter.

40. Stewed chicken breast

This is a super practical recipe and you will only need one pan: the pressure cooker. In addition to being practical, this dish is ready in a short time, as it only needs to stay 15 minutes under pressure.

41. Rolled chicken breast

This is a recipe in which the chicken breast is cut into steaks, and then stuffed with peppers, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes. The preparation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

With so many options it is even difficult to choose which to prepare first, but since chicken breast is a very affordable ingredient, testing several of them should not be a problem.

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