Exercises To Do At Home-2 week plan

Many people ask me the question that what are some exercises that you can do at home without equipment. Here is a list of exercises for men, women, children, beginners or anyone to do at home

In and out squat jump (Exercises To Do At Home)

The initial action is to take a standing posture and straighten your chest, keep your eyes straight in front of you, and place your hands on both sides of your body.

When jumping, spread your feet outwards and lift your hands as far as possible. When you return to the ground, bend your knees slightly to reduce the impact force and repeat the action.

Curl belly (Exercises To Do At Home)

The starting position is to lie flat on the yoga mat, bend your feet with your feet, step on the floor with your feet, and gently support your knees with both hands.

When exhaling, the core exerts force, leaving the shoulders and upper back away from the yoga mat, pausing, then slowly returning to the starting position, and repeating the action.

Russian Swivel

In a sitting position, your feet are stable on the floor, your body leans back slightly, and hold the sides of the pillow with both hands to increase the weight. (Alternatively, you can put your hands on your chest and put them on your chest without weights)

Use the power of the core to slowly turn the body to the right, then to the left, and repeat the action.

Chair support

Sit on the chair first, hold the front edge of the chair with both hands, and slowly move the hips away from the cushion, knees directly above the ankles, keep the core stable, and the spine and pelvis are in good body line.

Straighten your chest and lower your abdomen, your arms slightly bent, buttocks sink slowly, you can return to the starting position when you feel you’re back clamped, and repeat the action.

Zumba (for hips)

With both palms up, lift naturally towards the sides of your body, roughly to the shoulder.

Then step forward with your left foot, while using the strength of the waist, hips and core, draw the buttocks from the back to the front, and then repeat the movements.

 Pilates (The hundred)

The initial action is lying position, with both feet open and the width of the ischium, the distance from the heel to the hip is about 25-30 cm, and the second and third knees are facing the toes.

Inhale, roll up the upper body, keep the lumbar spine intact, look at the middle of the knee, and turn half a circle behind the shoulder.

Prepare for exhalation. When exhaling, swing your hands up to 5th vertebrae and repeat.

Yoga (before bedtime – cross-legged forward bending)

The starting position is a relaxed cross-legged sitting position, the body arches backwards, and the hips sit on the yoga mat as much as possible.

Exhale, stretch your upper body slowly forward, put your hands flat on both sides, and touch your forehead as lightly as possible.

When you reach the limit, stop for a while and feel a slight acidity on the inside of your thighs, then slowly return to the starting position.


This start by lying down. Keep your feet flat on the floor bending the knees and placing your arms across your chest. Inhale while contracting your abs.

 While keeping your head and neck relaxed, raise your body while exhaling.

Return to the starting position while inhaling.

Here is a table containing Exercises to do at home for 14 days:

Pilates   jumps
(10 minutes)

(15 minutes)

    3 to 5 groups of yoga before bed(15 minutes)
Russian Swivel
Pilates (10 minutes)
Chair support

(10 minutes)

Jumps (15 minutes)

Yoga before bed(10 minutes)
Russian Turning   Pilates (10 minutes)Zumba

Yoga before bed(10 minutes)
Chair support   Jumps (15 minutes)Jumps
(10 minutes)   Crunches

Pilates   Chair support
 (10 minutes)
Open And close jump
Yoga before bed
Russian Turning   jumps
(10 minutes)

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