How many calories should you eat to lose weight?

There is a very interesting phenomenon that when people talk about how to lose weight (fat reduction), they think of exercise. In fact, in recent years, the amount of exercise per capita in the world has increased significantly, but the obesity rate is also high. The reason, which affects us to gain weight, is diet.

Let’s not consider what you actually eat, let’s first look at the total amount of daily intake. We often say that we need to control calorie intake during fat reduction, so how many calories do you need each day?

First, we must first know the basal metabolic rate

To know how many calories a normal person should consume per day, the first thing is to clarify the basal metabolic rate. There are many calculation methods for the basal metabolic rate. The following is the calculation formula for the Harris-Benedict basal metabolic rate:

Female: BMR (female) = (9.6 × body weight (kg)) + (1.8 × height (cm)-(4.7 × age) +655

From this we can get the basic metabolism, for example:

A 20-year-old girl with a height of 160cm and a weight of 50kg, the calculation method is (9.6×50)+(1.8×160)-(4.7×20)+655=1329Kcal

Second, calculate how much you want to eat every day

We know that daily consumption is divided into three parts: basal metabolism (resting metabolism), exercise consumption, and food heat effect (food consumption).

They account for approximately 70%, 15-20%, and 8-10% of total consumption, respectively. Now we know that the basal metabolic rate is 1329Kcal, you can arrive at a total daily consumption of about 1898Kcal. According to this algorithm, she requires a daily intake of about 1398Kcal-1598Kcal.

In addition to such algorithms, you can also refer to common activity factors:

Daily life without extra exercise = basal metabolic rate x 1.15

Minor activity = Basal metabolic rate x 1.3

Medium-intensity fitness = basal metabolic rate x 1.4

Intensive fitness = basal metabolic rate x 1.6

Professional athlete = basal metabolic rate x 1.8

(Note: 1.15-1.8 represents the amount of activity.)

After knowing your basal metabolic rate, judge your own daily exercise factor. Multiplying the two numbers is your total daily calorie consumption. For example, the girl in my example has a basal metabolism of 1329Kcal. In order to lose weight, she performs moderate-intensity exercise every day, so her total calorie consumption is 1860.6Kcal. It is still recommended that everyone should make 300Kcal-500Kcal calorie difference, which means that she needs to consume about 1360.6Kcal-1560.6Kcal every day. From the above two algorithms, the daily calorie intake can be derived with little error. Now, you can calculate the amount of calorie you need to lose weight according to your situation.

Third, you need to know the proportion of nutrients you need to eat every day

A normal active girl should have a total calorie intake of 1400-1800 calories a day, and people who exercise and want to lose weight can decrease it appropriately. Calculate the calorie intake and then divide in three parts as three meals of the day. Here is a diet plan for you to lose weight.

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