How to remove mascara without hurting your eyes and skin

Used to enhance the look and maintain perfect production, mascara can be a real torment when not removed in the right way. This is because cosmetic residues can stay on the lashes and cause an inflammation in the eye, leaving the sensitive and irritated region.  In order not to give up the powerful makeup item, some tricks are able to remove the mascara without leaving the dreaded “panda eye”. Here are some tips on How to remove mascara.

You should adopt the habit daily so as not to harm the skin. As the makeup lasts a maximum of twelve hours on the skin. After this period, the beauty article can accumulate fat in the pores. It can promote loss of hydration and favoring the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

Baby shampoo

With neutral and hypoallergenic properties, baby shampoo is one of the most recommended cosmetics by specialists to remove mascara. That’s because the item is able to clean completely without irritating the skin. “To improve the action of the shampoo, women can drop it on cotton and apply it to the eye area with smooth movements”, says Valquíria Albuquerque, beautician at the Bellíssima Beauty salon, in Rio de Janeiro. The important thing when using the shampoo is to avoid direct contact with the eyes. Apply only on the outer region, that is, on the lashes, and always keep your eyes closed.


Among women, the makeup remover has lactobionic acid, which associated with other substances such as witch hazel extract and polyacid complex. It is able to tone the skin and normalize the pH of the region. However, sensitive skin owners suffer from redness in the area, so before applying the cosmetic you should to seek a specialist. “To apply it, it is only necessary to moisten the cotton and gently apply it on the lashes”, teaches Valquíria.

Disposable and pre-moistened wipes

Normally used for babies, disposable and pre-moistened wipes are able to remove the mask for the eyes in a practical and quick way. However, it is necessary to be attentive to residues, as the product can leave a little bit of makeup in the area.

For the removal of waterproof mascara

Because it is a chemically stronger compound than the others, waterproof mascara can harm the skin, so it must be removed with a good makeup remover. However, only those who do not have sensitive skin can use them without fear. “When the item is not removed properly, there are residues that can cause the appearance of fungi,” warns the expert.

Makeup remover

One of the first options for you who want to completely remove the mascara from the eyes is to resort to cosmetic products that are easily found in perfumeries and markets. A makeup remover for the eye area is the perfect choice for those who want to easily remove all mascara.

A very important tip is to always use hypoallergenic products, even if there is no history of allergies, as products with these characteristics do not harm the skin as much.

Olive oil

The waterproof eyelash mask is water resistant, so using the opposite oil weakens the properties of this type of mascara, which will facilitate the elimination of all product from the eyes.

It is very simple to use olive oil as a makeup remover. You will need to moisten a cotton with vegetable oil. Then, make circular movements on the lashes, there is no need to use force or rub too much, as the product will quickly come out.

 Coconut oil

Another vegetable oil used by women to remove mascara is pure coconut oil. It is famous for treating the skin and making it look wonderful.

Like olive oil, coconut oil can destroy the properties of mascara. It can eliminate it completely from the lashes, all without any effort.

Almond oil

To end this session of natural components for the skin, we must not forget the vegetable oil of almonds. Which is great for the skin and hair, in addition to completely eliminating the mascara from the eyes.

It follows the same reasoning as other oils. It can be used directly in the region in order to eliminate mascara from the eyelashes and moisturize the skin.

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