How to stop sleep talking? Tips and Tricks

Talking in sleep is one of the sleep disorders that children and adults can suffer, being more common in children. This type of disease is also called Somniloquy. It refers to those moments when, during sleep cycles, the person emits sounds that can sometimes even be long conversations. This type of disorder usually does not require treatment, unless it is some illness that requires the intervention of the doctor. Although these cases are rare. So if you’ve been talking in your sleep for a while and wonder how to stop doing it, in this article: How to Stop Sleep Talking, let’s give you a series of tips that can help you achieve this goal.

Talking asleep: best solutions

The fact that you speak while sleeping can be frustrating and cause a feeling of helplessness in the face of that fact. There are some solutions that help to decrease the frequency of this occurrence. Take note of these tips that will help you stop talking while sleeping:

Get enough sleep

It is very important that you establish good sleeping habits and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Just doing this will significantly reduce the number of times you speak during the night. Therefore, you should try to have a daily routine in which you have established times to go to bed. And try not to have so many ups and downs and incompatibilities with schedules. This has consequences for the body, so it is more likely that you feel exhausted during the day and even with some degree of stress and irritability.

But what can you do if you have trouble falling asleep? Some tips for you to achieve this are to read in bed, avoid watching television, not using your cell phone or computer before bed, taking a relaxing bath and / or meditating.
Manage your stress levels

The fact that you are stressed all day has a direct impact on the quality of sleep you will have, so it is recommended to try to reduce your daily stress levels so that you stop talking in your sleep. Some ways to manage everyday stress are relaxation exercises, meditation, psychological therapy, relaxing activities, etc.

Use of medicines

In some cases where there are many severe sleep problems and where more and more areas of the person’s life are affected by not having restful sleep, it is necessary to consult with the doctor, as there are some medications that can be administered to achieve it. It is not a treatment in which the person has to take medication to sleep for a long time. On the contrary, this type of medication for sleepwalking will help the person to start having a regular sleep pattern and, thus, establish a daily routine healthy sleep.

How to stop sleep talking- other tips

Although this type of condition is not considered serious, many people who suffer from it usually experience discomfort. Especially when sleeping with someone, either because of the anxiety generated by the knowledge that they are going to say something inappropriate or simply because they can wake up the other person. In most cases where this situation occurs, the person does not remember what he said during the night. Because he is not aware that he speaks in his sleep, unless someone else realizes and comments on what happened.

Sleep treatment

Do you want to know how to stop talking while sleeping with more techniques? Other tips for avoiding sleep talking are as follows:

Avoid drinking alcohol before bed.

When we consume alcohol at night, especially before going to bed, it makes it considerably more difficult to fall asleep and, therefore, increases the possibilities of speaking while sleeping. Therefore, it is necessary, if you want to have restful sleep and not talk at night, to reduce or avoid alcohol consumption at all times.

Do not overeat before bed.

Plentiful dinners should be avoided at all costs before going to bed, as this makes it difficult to have restful sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to have dinner at least one hour before bed and that what we are going to have is light food.

Positive attitude

Although it may not seem like it, going to bed with a positive attitude makes it easier to have restful sleep. When we have a negative attitude in which thoughts of anguish and worry invade us, it is more likely that we will have nightmares, problems sleeping and even insomnia due to anxiety, so there is also an increase in the possibilities of speaking while sleeping.

Why people talk in their sleep

The exact cause of why some people speak while sleeping and others do not, is unknown. However, it is generally something totally harmless that does not imply any major problem. However, we will not rule out that there are some cases that, although they are minimal, could be some other type of serious illness, among the most common are the following:

Night eating disorder

Side effects of some medications

Anxiety disorders

Fever or any other medical condition

Some kind of mental disorder

Abuse of toxic substances

This article is for information only. We do not have the ability to make a diagnosis or indicate a treatment. We recommend that you consult a psychologist to advise you on your particular case.

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