Importance of Dinner, Why is it Important?

You certainly don’t know the importance of dinner. Many handsome guys who pursue a good figure do not eat dinner in order to lose weight. Is it really possible to lose weight without dinner? According to experts, it is impossible to lose weight without dinner because dinner, one quarter is to sustain life, but three quarters is to maintain the doctor’s income. Although this sentence sounds a bit joking, it is not unreasonable.

Scientists have recently discovered that many diseases are caused by irregular dinner and eating habits. So, you should not neglect the importance of dinner. It is one of the most asked questions that can I lose weight without dinner? Actually it is a misunderstanding. First, let’s take a look at the body’s dietary arrangements for the day. Eating breakfast between 6-9 o’clock in the morning, lunch between 11-14 o’clock noon, and normal dinner time around 17-20 o’clock. If there is no dinner, even if you eat a lot at noon, then the digestion and absorption of lunch will be completed at 18:00 in the evening. And by the next day’s breakfast, our body will be on an empty stomach for at least 10 hours.

If it is not a coincidence, we do not eat too much at noon and digest it at 15 pm, then our body will have an empty stomach for 14 hours. Such fasting for so long will make our body think that we are in a “famine”. In the hungry state, calorie intake causes more fat storage.

In other words, the breakfast lunch on the second day will be more easily converted into fat, which is contrary to weight loss. And what you usually see without eating dinner will be a slight weight loss, caused by a large amount of muscle loss. Importance of dinner is very much. And a large amount of muscle loss will reduce our metabolic consumption, thereby preventing us from losing weight. Well, there are also some disadvantages to having dinner. Some of them are as follow:

Dinner and fatty liver:

Full dinner often stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, it is easy to cause the burden of islets to increase, accelerate aging, and then induce diabetes. If you eat too much high-protein, high-fat, high-calorie food at dinner, it will stimulate the liver to produce low-density and very low-density lipoproteins, form hyperlipidemia, and easily form the fatty liver.

Dinner and obesity:

According to statistics, 90% of obesity is due to eating too much at dinner, coupled with low activity at night, low energy consumption, and excess calories under the action of insulin to synthesize a large amount of fat. Over time, you get obese.

Dinner and bowel cancer:

If you eat a full meal, protein foods cannot be completely digested, under the action of intestinal bacteria, produce toxic substances, plus small amounts of activity, make the intestinal wall creep slowly, prolong the stay of toxic substances in the intestine and increase the risk of intestinal cancer.

Acute pancreatitis and Dinner:

Dinner coupled with drinking, can easily induce acute pancreatitis, severe morbidity and even shock and sudden death during sleep.

Dinner and hypertension:

Eating at night coupled with slow blood flow causes a large amount of fat to deposit on the vessel wall. Which will cause the contraction of small arteries and small arteries, increase peripheral vascular resistance, causing a sudden increase in blood pressure. It also accelerates the whole body hardening process of small arteries.
Eat a good dinner to keep up with the health, the following four healthy eating methods for your reference:
1. Eat less at dinner i.e., do not overeat.
2. Dinner time is most beneficial to health before 7 o’clock.
3. Eat more vegetarian food for dinner and less meat.
4. Eat less high-fat, high-calorie, and high-calcium food for dinner.

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