Lunch: Introduction, Recipes & Importance

Lunch is derived from the word luncheon, which means a meal around midday. Most of the countries treat lunch as unhealthy but it should be known that taking the time to prepare a healthy lunch is worth it both physically and mentally.

Benefits of eating lunch

Eating at noon after breakfast can replenish the body’s energy and raise blood sugar levels when attention starts to divert due to lack of energy. If you feel drowsy, eating a small lunch can also help restore energy and help prepare for afternoon work. In addition, eating lunch can keep the metabolism active.

Benefits for children

Lunch is even more important to school children than adults. Since most children do not eat breakfast or dinner at school, lunch is the only meal that ensures energy throughout the day. Nutrition experts say that because school lunches constitute one-third to one-half of a day’s nutritional intake, it is very important for the healthy growth of children.

The dangers of not eating lunch

If you are trying to lose weight or reduce calorie intake, skipping lunch is very common, but this is not an effective way. Investigation reports by some health agencies also show that people who skip meals frequently are more likely to be obese than people who eat normally. Not eating lunch will cause a sudden increase in appetite and cause overeating and excessive consumption of unhealthy food.

It is recommended to eat lunch that helps maintain the metabolic rate and good health, but it should be known that some foods are relatively more nutritious. Dietitians recommend mixing complex carbohydrates and lean protein, which can provide the energy needed for a long time. Skimmed yogurt and oatmeal, whole grains and low-fat cheese, and fruits and vegetables are some examples. Ideally, a healthy lunch should consist of four balanced food groups of cereals, vegetables, fruits, lean protein and dairy products.

Easy healthy recipes for lunch-lose weight in a week

Lunch helps you to do your work attentively and provide you the energy to work all day along. Here are some easy lunch recipes that you can made at home. These are for men, women, children and adults or anyone else. These are easy to prepare and delicious.
Pan fried tofu
First cut the tofu into pieces.
Wash chopped pork belly, carrot, asparagus and Dutch beans.
Fry until tofu is golden brown, then add salt and soy sauce.
Stir-fry the prepared carrots and pork belly.
Stir-fry the pork belly until there is no blood, add the Dutch beans and continue to stir-fry
Add the tofu after all are cooked and continue to stir and finish

Lemon-flavored salmon lunch
Prepare white rice, brown rice, black rice, mix three kinds of rice and simmer them with water.
Cut salmon into pieces, add lemon cooking wine and soy sauce and marinate for 20 minute
Fry the marinated salmon with a little oil until half-cooked.
Pour marinated sauce and lemon and fry until fully cooked

Stir-fry the shrimp skin with green onion, add bean sprouts, stir-fry with salt and soy sauce, and put it in the lunch box with salmon so that it can taste better.

Assorted fried buns
Cut the whole wheat buns into dices.
Cut carrot, onion, pepper, and garlic into dices.
First fry onion, ginger and garlic, then add pepper and a little soy sauce for seasoning.
After frying, add steamed buns and season with a little cumin and salt.
Break up two eggs and spread them in a frying pan. When the egg liquid is not completely solidified, add fried buns.

Look at the right time to turn the egg.
Then you can put it in the lunch box and add your favourite ketchup.

Pepper Chicken and Vegetable Roll lunch

Cut the chicken into cubes and add cooking wine and salt to marinate for 10 minutes.
Cut the bell pepper into filaments and set aside.

Stir-fry scallion, ginger and garlic. Then add chicken and stir-fry.
After frying the pepper, add the chicken and fry.
Cut the lentil carrots boiled in the water to a suitable length.
Spread a layer of ham slices and then spread cheese to roll the vegetables in the middle and cut it

Teriyaki Chicken

Dip the tender lotus root slices in vinegar to prevent discoloration.
After removing, add a little salad oil and stir-fry over medium heat. Add the appropriate amount of white vinegar.
Sprinkle some sesame and wolfberry.
Okra is rubbed with salt and placed for 10 minutes, boiled with clean water for 1-2 minutes, then removed and placed in cold water to drain.
Shred the prepared burdock and carrot.
The chicken thigh meat is first marinated with salt cooking wine, black pepper, and ginger slices for half an hour.
Fry in a pan until golden brown and pour in the teriyaki sauce (rice wine, soy sauce, sugar-flavored oyster sauce, and a small spoonful of honey), turn on the medium heat and simmer for a while.

After the rice is put in the lunch box, sprinkle with a layer of seaweed and some cooked sesame.

Beef burger

Prepare your favorite burger ingredients.
After the beef is chopped, add salt egg white black pepper chicken essence and stir and knead vigorously and press into a patty shape.
Onion, shredded tomatoes, sliced ​​lettuce, peeled pickled cucumber slices should be ready.
Add oil to the pan and turn on a low heat to fry the beef patties (note that the low fire)
Cut the hamburger bread in half and heat it in the microwave, then put the prepared ingredients in the middle and add salad dressing and cheese according to your taste
Then put the other half of the hamburger bread on it.

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