Narcissus papyraceus- Everything You Need To Know

Paperwhite flower (Narcissus papyraceus, a subspecies of Narcissus tazetta) is a popular indoor plant in winter and festivals. Unlike other daffodils, paper whites do not require a cooling period, so forcing them is almost as easy as putting water balls in the water and waiting. The fragrant flowers bloom within about 3 weeks of planting, almost instant satisfaction.

Planting Narcissus papyraceus

Although paper white balls can be planted in soil, it is more common for them to grow in pots or dishes, and use some stones or marbles to fix them in place and a little water.

  1. Choose a container that is about 3-4 inches deep (8-10 cm) and has no drain holes. You will not add soil, nor do you need a container that is too deep to completely submerge the bulb.
  2. Spread an inch or 2 inches of stone, marble or even gravel along the bottom of the container. No matter which material you choose, it should be clean.
  3. Place your paper white light bulb on top of the stone and point it upward. Continue to squeeze them. Not only do they look better in a large group, but the tights will help them avoid collapse.
  4. Add another layer of stones to fill in any gaps and cover the bulbs on your shoulders. The sharp tip should still be displayed. Do not bury the bulb completely.
  5. Add water so that the level just reaches the bottom of the bulb. Sitting at the bottom of the bulb in water will stimulate growth. Covering the entire bulb with water may cause it to rot.
  6. At this point, light bulbs don’t need light, and they would rather keep the cool side at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). Unlike other light bulbs forced, you don’t need to turn your paper white into darkness. You can put them outside so that you can check the water level regularly. (See step 7.)
  7. Check your bulbs every day to see if they need more water. You want to keep touching the bottom of the bulb horizontally. They will slowly absorb some water and you will lose some evaporation, but you should not need to add a lot of water.
  8. When you see the development of the root, it’s time to move the container to the sunny window. The better the sun, but try not to make them too hot, otherwise they will grow longer. Most windows are cool in winter, so don’t be afraid to let them close to the window glass.
  9. Once the plants bloom, they will last longer, if they are moved out of direct sunlight, to cool locations that are indirect or diffuse light. If your house keeps warm, when you are not at home, if you move them to a colder room, then your paper white will last longer, then move them back to your residential area to be at home Time to enjoy.

Some final tips to enjoy your Paperwhite flowers (Narcissus papyraceus)

You can start printing on white paper every few weeks to keep displaying throughout the winter.

Although the problem of white paper is rare, one worry is that they tend to become top-heavy and fall. 

Paperwhites has a unique fragrance. Some people find it pleasant, others find it strange. If you find an unusual fragrance in the room, please check if it comes from your paper white.

How alcohol affects paper white

Paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) are popular indoor plants in winter. Unlike other daffodils, paper white does not require a cooling period, so forcing them is as simple as putting a bulb in the water and waiting. The fragrant flowers bloom within about 2-3 weeks of planting, almost instant satisfaction.

The problem of paper white is like many bulbs planted in flower pot. They grow tall and all the weight is at the top.

Researchers at Cornell University’s Flowerbulb research program have come up with an unusual solution to this number one problem: alcohol.

When the paper white ball is grown in a dilute alcohol solution, the plant reaches a height of 1/3 to 1/2 of its normal expected growth-but the flower still maintains its normal size and lasts a long time. Why they think they give their paper whites a jaw is still a mystery, but it seems that the water pressure caused by the plants is only enough to hinder their growth, but not interfere with other aspects.

How to make your paper liquor with alcohol

As usual, put your paper white water into the rocks and water.

Once the roots begin to grow and the top green shoots reach about 1-2 inches, drain the existing water.

Use 4-6% alcohol solution instead of water as described below. You should see the results within a few days.

Continue to use the alcohol solution for future watering.

How to make an alcohol irrigation solution

The alcohol content needs to be less than 10%, otherwise your plants will be excessive and serious growth problems will occur. Check the alcohol percentage of the bottle. Many wines are only labeled as “certified”, not as a percentage of alcohol. Don’t confuse the two. To determine what percentage of alcohol you have, split the certificate in half, so 86 whiskey is 43% alcohol.

You can use any spirits (vodka, tequila, whiskey…) or rubbing alcohol. Don’t use wine or beer because they are too high in sugar.

You will have to do some mathematical calculations to get the alcohol concentration of different concentrations down to 4-6%.

To convert alcohol to 5% alcohol, just divide the alcohol percentage by 5 and then subtract 1. This will tell you how much water is mixed with 1 part of alcohol. For example: 40 divided by 5 = 8: 8 minus 1 = 7 … 7 parts of water to 1 part of alcohol.

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