Beauty tips that you can do easily at home

With the increasing popularity of DIY beauty treatments, thousands of women are turning to natural homemade masks, shampoos, creams, and oily skincare products. In fact, what we are doing now is what millions of women in ancient Greece, Africa, China, Rome, India, and the Middle East have done in ancient times. Of course, the tendency of ancient women in beauty is a little too radical, because they lack the understanding of the hazards of certain ingredients, but most of the time they use 100% natural and environmentally friendly therapies. Here are the 10 oldest and easiest beauty tips in the world.

Take a shower like Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

Cleopatra is one of the most beautiful women in the world, so she also likes to spoil herself, which is not strange. Historians praised her for her perfect silky skin, and for a super smooth effect. She used a simple formula to bathe regularly: olive oil, milk, and honey. Now all these things may be in your kitchen. This is one of the best beauty tips to follow.

Roses from Babylon

The royal family of Babylon knew everything about health and beauty. This is why they use rose petals and rose oil everywhere. Bathe with rose petals to rejuvenate the skin, use rose water and rose oil to keep the face clean. It also smells amazing and helps relieve depression.

Biblical remedies

Remember the gifts of the Little Jesus and the Wizard? Well, according to historians, one of the gifts is frankincense with a strong smell. Now it is mainly used for making incense and perfume, but at that time, everyone knew that it had healing antibacterial properties, which made it a perfect remedy for various cuts, bruises and skin inflammation. At some point it was more valuable than gold.

Hair removal technique from Egypt

Nothing is new in this world of hair removal cream, shaving, hair removal and laser hair removal. Before these relatively modern hair removal techniques, however, Egyptian women used sugar to obtain those silky smooth legs and other parts of the body. Sugaring is more painful than hair loss cream, and it can also be used as an exfoliator. using other techniques may cause more disadvantage than advantage.

Henna Hair Care

If you have a sensitive scalp, hair coloring can become a real problem. Once you start, you must continue indefinitely, slowly killing your hair with chemicals. Ancient women also liked to try new colors, but they used natural dyes such as henna. Henna will give your hair a wonderful red hue while strengthening the hair and moisturizing the scalp.

The miracle of the neem tree

Neem tree is considered a sacred plant in India for a reason. Its stems and leaves have medicinal properties and are used to prepare various beauty tips and products. Neem can reduce skin irritation. If mixed with cucumber and curd, it will become a good moisturizing mask, which can reduce oily skin.

Marie Antoinette’s young hand

Marie Antoinette cares about her hands very much, she used to wear special gloves soaked in rose water and almond oil. You may not have thought so far, but these ingredients are certainly suitable for your hands!

The miracle of clay

From the cave age, the miracle of clay has been known to mankind. Of course, it is 100% environmentally friendly and has been tested by millions of women worldwide. There are different types of clay: white, blue, and green, each with its own properties that can help you purify your skin and fight acne. If it enters the interior, the clay will also expel toxins from the body.

Pearl powder of Chinese beauty master

Women in the Ming Dynasty used an unusual but natural and perfect beauty method to care for the skin: pearl powder! It moisturizes the skin, helps to produce collagen that is beneficial to the skin’s youth, and increases the calcium content if ingested internally. Well, the Chinese royal ladies may know what they are doing! You can buy pearl powder online and try it for yourself.

Aztec avocado moisturizer

Yes, not only are avocados the most delicious things on earth (arguably), but they can also make your skin look great. The ancient Aztecs knew the amazing properties of avocados and applied them to their faces without hesitation. Avocado moisturizes the skin, reduces enlarged pores, and adds a healthy glow to your face.

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