Types of cakes-Everything you need to know

There are many kinds of classification methods for the types of cakes, and different classification methods will have different conclusions.

More commonly used divisions for the types of cakes:

Pastry is divided into cakes, puffs, towers, pies, mousses, biscuits, chocolates and other major categories of products, each category has a different product line.

Cakes are divided into two types

Egg-wrapped air-puff and butter-wrapped air-puff, namely cream cake and heavy oil cake

Cream cake is divided into sponge cake and chiffon cake.

The Black Forest cake is a famous German dessert. Sponge cake is generally used as the base when making it, so it belongs to sponge cake. The full name is: Black Forest Cherry-Cream-Sponge Cake.

Cheesecake generally refers to cakes with cheese as the main material. The representative works are Japanese light cheese and tiramisu. Light cheese belongs to the creamy cake, and tiramisu is a cheese mousse cake.

Mousse cake

Mousse is not a cake category, but mousse usually uses sponge cake as the material to combine into the finished product, so it is called mousse cake.

The constituent materials of mousse can be divided into three categories
Theme material
Fluffy whipped cream and Italian meringue are soft and melt in the mouth, which is easy to distinguish.

According to raw materials types of cakes are:

The raw materials of the cake are mainly eggs, fat and flour. According to the main raw materials used and the method of mixing, it can be divided into three types: batter, milk foam and chiffon:


Mix the flour with oil, use the mixing method of “powder oil” or “sugar oil”, and add a bulking agent, such as baking powder. The heat energy during subsequent baking is used to make the bulking agent produce carbon dioxide and make the cake bulky . The batter cake has a denser structure and a harder taste. The most common batter cakes include cream cakes, fruit cakes, etc.

Milk foam

Use the foaming properties of the egg whites, stir in the air during the stirring, beat the egg whites until hard foaming, add egg yolks according to requirements and mix well, and in the subsequent baking, the air will be heated to expand and support the cake body. Need to add swelling agent. The custard cakes have a soft taste and white appearance. The most common custard cakes are egg white angel cakes and whole egg sponge cakes, which are often used as Swiss roll cakes.

Chiffon cakes

Chiffon cakes are a combination of batter and cream. The batter and meringue are made separately during the making, and the two are finally mixed and sent to the oven for baking. Chiffon cake has the characteristics of batter and milk foam at the same time, so it is rich in water content, and the softness is between milk foam and batter. It is the most common cake body.

Cakes can also be divided into six categories, which are also commonly used in the market. No matter what it is called, it usually belongs to one of the above three categories.

1. Sponge Cake:

Sponge cake is a kind of milk foam cake, the main body of which is composed of a network structure formed by the combination of eggs, foam and flour. Because the internal structure of sponge cake has many round holes, like a sponge, it is called sponge cake. Sponge cakes are divided into whole egg sponges and egg-separating sponge cakes, which are divided according to the different production methods. Whole-egg sponge cakes are made by adding flour after the whole egg is beaten; when making egg-separating sponge cakes, Separate the egg white and egg yolk, beat them separately, and mix them with flour.

2. Chiffon Cake:

It is a relatively common basic cake, and it is also a cake that is very popular among pastry bakers. For birthday cakes, chiffon cake is generally used as the base, so chiffon cake is a relatively basic cake. Chiffon cakes are very similar to egg-separated sponge cakes. The difference is the ratio of ingredients. Novices can also add baking powder and tartar powder, so the texture of the cake is very soft.

3. Angel Cake:

Angel cake is also a kind of cream cake, which is the soft foam produced by whipping the egg liquid. The difference is that no drop of fat is added to the angel cake, even the yolk containing the fat in the egg is removed, and only the egg white is used. This cake, so the color of the finished cake is refreshing and white, so it is called angel cake.

4. Pound Cake:

Also known as pound cake, it is a batter type cake made by whipping a lot of butter and adding eggs and flour. Because unlike the above-mentioned cakes, the softness of the cake tissue is increased by whipping the egg liquid, so the heavy oil cake has a firmer taste than the above-mentioned types of cakes, but because a large amount of butter is added, the taste is very mellow. It is more common to add some fruits or preserved fruits to the batter to reduce the greasy taste of the cake.

5. Cheese Cake:

Transliteration can also be called cheesecake, which is a kind of cake that is more popular nowadays. Cheesecake refers to a cake made by adding a large amount of cheese. Generally, cream cheese is added to cheesecake.

Cheese cakes are divided into the following categories:

Heavy cheese cake

The amount of cheese is added more. Generally, for an 8-inch cheese cake, the amount of cream cheese should be no less than 250 grams. Because the amount of cheese is relatively large, the taste of heavy cheese cake is more solid, and the cheese taste is very strong, so some jam is added to increase the taste when making.

Light cheese Cake

Light cheese cake is made with less cream cheese, and whipped egg whites are also used to increase the softness of the cake. The powder is also added very little, so the taste of the cake will be very soft and melt in the mouth.

Frozen cheese cake

It is a kind of bake-free cake. Gelatin and other coagulants are added to the cheese cake, and then stored in the refrigerator until the cake is solidified. Because it is not baked, no powder materials are added.

6. Mousse Cake:

It is also a kind of no-bake cake. You can make this cake with whipped fresh cream, some fruit puree and a gelatinous coagulant. It is usually made of chiffon cake slices.

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