Ways to build muscle at home

Fitness at home is already the choice of many fitness enthusiasts, not only saving time but also convenient for yourself. If you also want to build muscle at home, then first learn and master a set of methods for exercising muscles in various parts of the body. 

This is the only way to build muscle same as going to professional fitness, even better than going to a professional gym.

Materials required


A 4-foot chair


The following article will share a set of methods for gaining muscles at home with dumbbells. Practitioners can combine this set of movements to exercise muscles in various parts of the body according to their own physical requirements to develop a fitness plan for home training. This is basically a method to gain muscles for skinny guys. Let’s take a look at these movements that exercise all muscles of the body:

1. Back step semi-squat + front kick

Main exercises: thigh quadriceps, abdominal muscles

Action requirements: When retreating and squatting, the height of the knees should not exceed the toes. The movement tightens the waist and abdomen.

2. Leg rest and squat

Main exercises: thigh quadriceps, buttocks muscles

Action requirements: It is also required to tighten the waist and abdomen.

3. Sitting in the air with feet + dumbbell curls

Main exercises: arm biceps, abdominal muscles

Action requirements: Clamp your arms with your hands, lift your feet in the air, and tighten your waist and abdomen.

4. Lean forward and lean your arms forward

Main exercise: arm triceps

Movement requirements: The distance between the hands should be less than or equal to the shoulder distance, and the waist and abdomen are tightened during the movement.

5. Lying on the side and resting the hips

Main exercise: lateral abdominal muscles

Action requirements: Try to keep the body like a flat plate during the action.

6. Knee up and down

Main exercises: abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, buttocks muscles

Movement requirements: During the movement, the chest should be raised to tighten the waist and abdomen, and the knees and legs are to be raised as much as possible.

7. Push up your hands and alternately raise your elbows

Main exercises: back muscles, deltoid muscles, abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles

Movement requirements: Keep your body like a tablet, and raise your elbows with your left and right hands alternately.

8. Weight-bearing Trans side turn

Main exercises: abdominal muscles, lower back muscles

Action requirements: Lift both hands on the side to keep arms straight and tighten waist and abdomen.

The above 8 methods for exercising the whole body muscles at home can be used as a reference for friends who exercise at home. You can also arrange training programs according to these 8 movements in a free combination. For example, you can use the five exercise actions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 as a training plan, each doing 12 to 15, and doing 3 to 5 groups. The specific exercise plan and exercise intensity should be arranged according to your own physical condition. Keep in mind that the training program that suits you is the best, and if you keep exercising, you will be able to achieve the body you want. Most of the people want to build muscle of the abdomen, so here is a list of methods specifically for abdominal muscles:


1: The best way to practice abdominal muscles is sit-ups, 100-200 each time, 20-30 for each group, at least 5 groups, depending on individual circumstances. You can add a little weight, hold a dumbbell or discus in your hand, and put it behind your head for better results.

2: Push-ups can also exercise abdominal muscles. Remember that when you exercise, you must not do it at once. You have to do it in groups to have an effect. Generally, you will do about 100 at a time, at least divided into 5 groups, depending on your situation.

3: Hold your hands in a high place, make your body vertically hang, and lift your waist and abdomen upwards so that your legs are at 90 degrees to your upper body. Take care not to shake your body, and do not use force elsewhere.

4: If there is more abdominal fat, you must adhere to aerobic exercise, running is very effective, you can subtract excess fat so that the muscles show better. Abdominal muscle training is different from other muscles, you have to constantly stimulate it, and so you have to be exhausted every time to achieve the effect. Do about 6 groups. Second, your diet must have high protein and high fat. The best time for protein intake is about half an hour to about 1 hour after each exercise. Pay attention to eating high protein foods.

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